Our Commitment to you During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Providing hand sanitizer at the front of the store and at the checkout counter

  • Cleaning and disinfecting high touch points in the store: door handles, chairs, countertops, POS payment screen, and restroom

  • Providing gloves for e-bike test rides

  • Cleaning and disinfecting touch points on bikes after each customer test rides an e-bike

  • Opening the door to allow fresh air to circulate the store

Thank you for your understanding and patience while we work hard to protect you and our staff!

Electric Bikes


More distance in less time. Movement without impact. Enjoy the ride. Level the playing field and go on an adventure. 

Mountain Bike.jpg

Ranging in use from riding down the mountain to having the comfort of full suspension, eMTB's do it all. 

Trekking Bike.jpg

If you are planning on going for a long ride and want to take lunch with you, a trekking e-bike is your best option.

Cruiser Bike.jpg

For the casual rider who likes to explore the town or ride light trails, a cruiser e-bike is the way to go.

Dave W.

Brent and his employee Timothy were of outstanding assistance in helping me select and set up a bike that would fit my cycling needs. If their level of customer service continues, now that my purchase is complete, I can only say “WOW!!!” because such great expertise with astounding customer service is rare.

Terry R.

I have been very pleased with Great Western Ebikes. I feel like I got a great value on my bike and I got a lot of thoughtful advice from Brent (owner) and his team during my selection process. The servicing is fantastic and best of all, they are very nice to work with. 10 stars would be appropriate!

Steve B.

I purchased 2 Haibikes this summer for my wife and I and we have loved the bikes and we have a great buying experience at Great Western. The team is honest, fair and very capable.