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Our Story

The adventure began when Brent Lechtenberg and a close friend attended a Eurobike conference in Germany back in 2014. There, they met and established relationships with company heads of brands we continue to carry today. Brent returned with a vision of opening an electric bike store in Bountiful, Utah. Named after the Great Western Trail where Brent spent many years riding bikes of all kinds, Great Western E-Bikes was established in Spring of 2015. Due to the increasing popularity and growing industry, the business has expanded twice. 

In May of 2021, the team welcomed Christian Costlow as the new owner. After moving here with his family from Florida, he had plans to continue the growth and development of Great Western E-Bikes with the mission and goal of "changing lives one E-bike at a time". In September of 2022, after a year and a half of improvement and fun, Christian unexpectedly passed away due to a heart condition that he was unaware of at the time of his passing. Christian's wife, Camille, helped run the business in the months following while we diligently searched for a new owner to fill Christian's biking shoes.

Continuing the legacy of Great Western Ebikes, Jared Lenzinger bought the store in May of 2023. He is honored to carry on the torch and build on the foundation established by Brent and Christian. His main goals are to enjoy this industry and this community to the fullest and help Great Western Ebikes be the premiere E-Bike shop in Davis County. We are committed to getting everyone and anyone out on any surface riding and riding again. In addition to our mission, we wish to introduce and promote a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages and physical abilities. E-bikes add to the exhilaration of bike riding and can take you to new heights, conquer more trails, and maximize the fun!

We love assisting customers in getting a bike to match their lifestyle. We have several ways to customize e-bikes into the perfect fit for you.

Christian & Camille Costlow

Former Owners  

In 2021, Christian Costlow purchased Great Western and had a passion for our business. By way of beginnings in life, he was the son of a Navy pilot Vietnam veteran. He has lived in many places, including Johnstown, PA, Narragansett, RI, Provo, UT, Houston, TX, Tampa (Lithia), FL the last 15 years and then a resident of Utah for the second time, this time in Spanish Fork for a year, and then Farmington.

Once upon a time and many moons ago as a youth, he lived in Provo while his father was an MBA student at BYU. Some of the fondest moments he had there were fishing the Provo, skiing Sundance, Snowbird, Alta, Park West (possible giveaway in age) and Park City. He was married to Camille Costlow for 25 years and has four children, from oldest to youngest: Andrew, Hannah (Kegan), Joshua, and Simon. They are now nearly all residents of the great state of Utah.

He attended the University of Texas-Austin and graduated from the University of Houston-Downtown with a Business Administration degree with focus in Finance. After a career in Healthcare, owning and operating other small businesses, he believed in the future of the electric bicycle movement and that it will change and improve lives. More importantly, he believed in Brent and Ellen and what they put into motion in 2014 following their passion to create Great Western E-bikes.

In September of 2022, he unexpectedly passed away due to a heart condition called Dilated Cardiomyopathy, which he didn't know he had. His wife, Camille, helped run the business for a couple of months until the end of April 2023.

Brent Lechtenberg


Brent earned his Bachelor of Science in Business from Weber State University. Later, he was certified by Barnet Bicycle Institute completing their Bicycle Repair and Overhaul course in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Over the years he has attended several conferences such as Eurobike (Germany), Interbike (Nevada), Outerbike (Moab), and several brand hosted conferences. He is excited about the shift from traditional bikes to e-bikes and will jump at any opportunity to ride.

Though Brent is no longer working, he can be found riding his motorcycle, spending time with family, playing with his dog, and golfing with friends. He has a love for riding and has shared that love with his children and grandchildren.

Ellen Lechtenberg


Ellen was the brains behind the operation. Over the years, she has attended several bike conferences with Brent. Not only was she dedicated to the success of our store, but she was a valued full-time healthcare worker with a role as the Lactation Manager at Primary Children's Hospital. Due to her management position, you wouldn't see her at the store often, but she enjoyed helping out when she had the time. No matter the position, she is an example of hard work and excels at everything she does. 

In the little free time she has, she enjoys spending time with Brent and their family, going on rides, gardening, and being in the great outdoors.