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SNO-GO Ski Bike Rentals

Plan Your Next Snow Sport Adventure

Have you been wanting to try something new on the slopes?

Have you been wanting to get out on the slopes with friends or family but you don't know how to ski or snow board, or the body just isn't working like it used to and skiing or snow boarding is a bit too rough on the joints and bones?  

You're in luck!

SNO-GO is an exciting new way to get out on the mountain that isn't as hard on the body and has a short learning curve AND it is way cool!  If you can ride a bike, you can SNO-GO!

We have SNO-GO Ski Bikes in stock and ready to rent or buy!

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SNO-GO Ski Bikes - The What, Why, How, Who, When, & Where

What are SnoGo Bikes?

SNO-GOs are an innovative new ski bike that mimics the free motions of advanced skiers but is as easy as riding a bike!  It's the perfect fusion of skiing and biking, giving you a thrilling way to navigate snowy terrain!  

Why SNO-GO was created...

SNO-GO was created by two young friends that were sidelined from family activities during winter bacause they never picked up skiing and snowboarding and wanted a simpler way to get up on the mountain, AND they loved riding bikes.

How do SNO-GOs work & How easy is the SNO-GO learning curve?

The SNO-GO has three articulating skis, loads easily onto chairlifts, and has an extremely easy learning curve.

The prominent feature of a SNO-GO is the three articulating skis.  The bike creates perfect parallel turns through the comfort and control of your hands and shifting of your body weight.  SNO-GOs are simple to load and unload from the chair lifts and compliant with all ski area regulations.

Who are SNO-GOs built for?

As the Christmas Song goes..."To kids from one to ninety-two"!  

Really, though, the SNO-GO Ski Bike opens the door for all ages AND abilities to experience the euphoria of the winter slopes.

It also enables the highest level athletes an exhilarating new challenge in shredding the mountains!

You can buy or rent a SNO-GO now, right here at Great Western E-Bikes!

Where can SNO-GOs be ridden?

Locally, there are many places that accept SNO-GO Ski Bikes:

  • Woodward Park City
  • The Canyons at Park City
  • Nordic Valley Resort in Eden, Utah
  • Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah
  • Sundance Resort
  • Park City Mountain Resort
  • Brighton Ski Resort

Check out more places here.

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While we do accept walk-ins, contacting us ahead of time to make your reservation is the best way to ensure that we have the SNO-GO Ski Bike you want ready for you as soon as you arrive at our shop. (**Ask us about delivery and pick up options for an extra fee**)

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To improve your experience and safety, each person renting a SNO-GO Ski Bike must watch this tutorial:

SNO-GO Ski Bike Rental Package

Daily Rate: $100

Weekly Rate: $500

Fat Tire E-Bike Rental Package

Daily Rate: $125

Weekly Rate: $550

Contact us to schedule your SNO-GO Ski Bike or Fat Tire E-Bike rental today.

Did You Fall in Love?

If you rent SNO-GO Ski Bikes, Fat Tire E-Bikes, or any E-Bikes and decide that it's a match made in heaven, we’ll gladly put your rental fee towards the purchase of new equipment. Make a purchase within 30 days of your rental and we’ll credit you up to two days worth of rental fees!