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Bike Repair Services

Service & Repair Shop Re-Launch!!

We are excited to announce the Re-Launch of our Service & Repair Shop!  We have invested over $10,000 upgrading and improving the equipment in our shop to provide our customers with even better quality work, deeper cleaning capabilities, and additional services to keep your bike running in tip-top condition to improve your riding experience!

We have acquired even more certifications and trainings and hired consultants to ensure Great Western E-Bikes is providing best in class service and the most advanced techniques and service and repair options in the industry!

To celebrate this Re-Launch we are inviting you to come take a tour of our shop where we will show you some of the cool new equipment we invested in and what that means for your bike.  We can walk you through the values of each of our Service Options and a la carte services offered to help keep your ride in tip-top condition.

Our goal and commitment is to get your bike completed and ready to be picked up in 48 hours, with many services able to be done the same day (within 30 minutes). We strive to give you quality service at a reasonable price without the long wait!

What To Expect

When you walk through the door at Great Western E-Bikes, we are ready to make sure you and your bike are fully taken care of. Our friendly, trained technicians will go over your bike with you, and listen to your needs and concerns. We will then be able to provide you a no-obligation estimate for your bike. 

We can do anything from a simple safety check, brake adjust or tube replace, to a complete overhaul of your bike to make it feel like new. You can be sure your bike will be returned to you in better condition than when you dropped it of!

Our Commitment to You

Our goal and commitment is to get your bike completed and ready to be picked up in 48 hours, with many services able to be done the same day (within 30 minutes). We strive to give you quality service at a reasonable price without the long wait!  Visit us today to keep your bike riding great!

Service Options

There are many ways that we can help you with your bike. To make sure we get everything done on it you would like us to, we offer a variety of Tune-Up packages, as well as other services as needed.

* Pricing does not include the price of parts.

Safety Check


Recommended every 75 miles of riding

Lube Chain

Check Tire Pressure

Check Brakes

Check Shifting

Check Bolt Torques

Check For Damage

Annual Tune


Recommended every 200-300 miles of riding

Safety Check, plus:

Adjust Brakes

Adjust Shifting

Clean Frame & Wheels

Lateral Wheel True

Adjust Hubs, Bottom Bracket, & Headset

Clean Electric Connections

Update Bike Software*

* There will be a 1-time $30 Assessment Fee for ebikes not bought from GWEbikes

Advanced Tune


Recommended every 500 miles of riding

Annual Tune, plus:

Removal and thorough cleaning of drivetrain

New Shift Cables

Full Wheel True

Brake Bleed

Clean Brakes & Rotor

*Advanced Tune+ $170: Included is a Safety check within 6 months of purchase!

New Bike Feel


Recommended when you want your bike to feel like new again! (Or better!)

Advanced Tune, plus:

New Cable Housing

Labor included for:

New Tires, Grips, Pedals,

Saddle, Brake Pads, 

Rotor, Linkage,

Drivetrain - Cassette, 

Chain, & Derailleur

Suspension Services

Fox, Rock Shox, Suntour

Come in for our Suspension Services! Fox and RockShox recommend having a basic maintenance service on your suspension every 30-50 hours of riding, and a full service every 100 hours of riding. If you've hit either of those intervals, call us to schedule your service now!

Suspension is a very important part of a bike, and one of the parts that moves the most. Having it serviced regularly is the best way to keep it in tip top shape and riding smoothly, wherever and whenever you ride.

Qualifications and Certifications

We have top of the line equipment to give your bike the best service! We are qualified and certified to work on many things, including:

  • Bosch
  • Brose
  • Shimano
  • Yamaha
  • Fazua
  • Sram
  • Tektro
  • Magura
  • ...And Much More!

Other Services

Flat Repair - Per Tire$15
Tubeless Setup - Per Rim$40
Wheel True - Per Rim$40
Brake Bleed - Per Brake$40
Fork Service$60
Shock Service$40
Bike Assembly$110
Labor Rate$80/hr
Ebike Diagnostics & Updates$120/hr

Contact us to schedule your bike service today.

Home Bike Repair

To make sure your bike is working to the best of its ability, we recommend having a few products at home to use between your annual tune-ups. We have an excellent selection of essential tools, lubricants and cleaning products, and quality work stands. Shop online or in store, and let us know if there's anything missing that you would like to see us carry!